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LLMs (Large Language Models)

Harness the power of language modeling to develop intelligent applications capable of understanding and generating natural language. In healthcare, LLMs can be utilized for tasks such as medical transcription, clinical documentation, and patient communication, improving efficiency and accuracy in healthcare delivery. Discover how our technology is transforming healthcare, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of medical care.

  • Language Modeling Transformer Architecture Pre-trained Models Fine-tuning Natural Language Processing (NLP) Text Generation Transfer Learning Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Attention Mechanism Self-attention Sequence-to-Sequence Models Text Classification Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Multimodal LLMs (Large Language Models):

Embrace the fusion of text, image, and audio data with Multimodal LLMs to develop highly versatile AI applications. In healthcare, Multimodal LLMs can revolutionize patient care by enabling multimodal data analysis, facilitating clinical decision support, and powering innovative telemedicine solutions.

  • Multimodal LLMs Cross-modal Learning Vision and Language Models Fusion Models Image-Text Alignment Cross-modal Embeddings Multimodal Pre-training Image-Text Retrieval Multimodal Transformers Cross-modal Understanding Visual Question Answering (VQA) Image Captioning Multimodal Representation Learning Visual Commonsense Reasoning Multimodal Dialogue Systems

Federated Learning

Empower collaborative learning while ensuring data privacy and security with Federated Machine Learning. In healthcare, Federated ML enables multiple institutions to train AI models using decentralized data sources, facilitating research collaboration, disease prediction, and personalized treatment recommendations while preserving patient confidentiality.

  • Federated Learning Decentralized Learning Privacy-preserving Machine Learning Collaborative Learning Distributed Machine Learning Secure Aggregation Federated Optimization Client-Server Architecture Model Aggregation Data Silos Horizontal Federated Learning Vertical Federated Learning Differential Privacy Federated Averaging Edge Computing
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Generative AI:

Inspire creativity and innovation with our Generative AI solutions. In healthcare, Generative AI can be applied to generate synthetic medical images for training AI models, simulate patient scenarios for medical education, and even assist in drug discovery by generating novel molecular structures.

  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) Deep Generative Models Image Generation Text Generation Conditional Generation Unsupervised Learning Probabilistic Modeling Latent Space Autoencoding Creative AI Style Transfer Data Augmentation Image-to-Image Translation Deep Dream

What do we do

Application Development

Development of specific applications for a project.

Model Integration

Integrating LLM models into existing applications. This could involve implementing APIs or integrating pre-trained models into existing platforms.

Model Customization

Customizing LLM models to adapt them to the specific needs. This could involve training models on company-specific data or optimizing existing models to improve performance

Technical Consultancy

Technical consultancy on the implementation and effective use of LLM models for the project. This could include assessing the company's needs, designing LLM-based solutions, and providing support in resolving technical issues during implementation.

Training and Support

training and support to the company and its employees on the use of LLM models and best practices for integration and effective implementation

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