Large Language Models (LLMs)

Use Cases


We use an LLM to analyze clinical reports and identify correlations between symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments, assisting healthcare professionals in making informed, personalized decisions for each patient.

Drug Discovery and Development

LLMs can analyze vast amounts of biomedical literature, clinical trial data, and molecular structures to accelerate drug discovery processes. By extracting insights from diverse sources, LLMs can suggest potential drug candidates, predict drug-target interactions, and optimize clinical trial designs

Natural Language Understanding in Healthcare Conversational Systems

LLMs enable advanced natural language understanding in healthcare chatbots and virtual assistants, allowing for more intuitive and effective patient interaction. These systems can answer patient inquiries, provide medication reminders, and offer personalized health advice based on individual medical histories.

Potential benefits for the healthcare and scientific research world

LLMs can be used for a variety of tasks

Generating text, translating languages, writing different kinds of creative content, and answering your questions in an informative way

Summarizing large amounts of text in a concise and informative way

Generating new ideas and solutions to complex problems

What do we do


Consulting and support

Consulting and technical support for the use of enabling platforms and software for medical research and diagnosis. Consulting on the installation and configuration of artificial intelligence platforms, or on the operation of molecular simulation software.


Development of customized IT solutions for medical research and diagnosis. For example, you could develop artificial intelligence algorithms for early disease detection, or software for the personalization of medical care.