Benefits of a Fully Hosted Ecommerce Platform

How many IT solutions does it take to run an ecommerce business? For many participants in the field, the answer is “too many”. If you can identify with this answer, it's likely because your ecommerce team is spending too much time replicating data across systems using manual methods.

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A hosted eCommerce platform provides peace of mind, because it comes with a guaranteed level of security. The developers, coders, engineers, and other IT professionals who provide your service specialize in eCommerce.


In the early days of hosted eCommerce platforms, the “software as a service” (SaaS) model was often knocked for its lack of flexibility. Happily, that is changing. There are hosted platforms out there that can be customized to fit your company’s unique requirements. Finding those platforms is easy if you ask the right questions and do a little homework.


This is another area where hosted eCommerce platforms are especially advantageous. They simply do a better job of growing with you as your company and its eCommerce needs evolve and change. Take traffic spikes, for example. A hosted platform typically absorbs those spikes more easily than a self-hosted solution does.

Timely deployment

If time is a factor (and when is it ever not?), you can’t beat the speed-to-market convenience of a hosted eCommerce platform. You’ll be up and running quickly, which means your online store will be available to prospects and customers as soon as possible. Contrast that with the costly delays and potential downtime that might be involved if you decide to pursue the self-hosted route

Advanced architecture

When you choose a hosted eCommerce platform, the infrastructure that comes with it is available to all clients of your service provider. In other words, many companies are benefiting from the technological investment that your service provider has already made.

Faster Setup

We already mentioned that rapid deployment is a great advantage of a hosted eCommerce platform. But the initial setup of a hosted platform is fast too.


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